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Remote stop record

Remote start record and streaming will become available around Q3 2017

Remote stop record and streaming will become available around Q3 2017

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SMP351 is a dual channel recorder with the capabilities of creating a single or combined (PiP or PaP) output signal of 2 inputs.

The recorder has 4 or 5 input connectors. During recording you will only record 1 or 2 input streams.

Inputs 1 (HDMI) and 2 (HDMI) are assigned to channel A while 3 (RGB) ,4 (HDMI) and optional 5 (SDI) are assigned to channel B.

By now you should have already followed the instructions in

  1. OVS Preparations
  2. Add recorders
  3. Extron

The following settings are SMP352 specific.

OVS recorder setup

When setting up the SMP351 you need to complete the following fields:


The friendly name of your recorder, as shown in the recorders page

IP Address:

The IP address of the recorder (make sure the recorder gets a static IP)

Layout Preset

The Layout preset used when initiating a recording from the OVS server; Layout 7 is the default for a side-by-side (PaP) recording

Stream name:

The name of the publishing point. This needs to be unique, one word, only letters and numbers.


The username to sign in to the recorder


The password needed to sign-in with above username to the recorder

Shared Folder:

The unique sub-folder in the shared root folder where content will be placed temporarily.

  • Enter the values in the top section and confirm the settings via Check

After you have saved the initial setup, you can edit the default recorder meta-data settings. If a recording is initiated from the recorder the default meta-data and access permissions will be used.

Continue with Default Meta-data to setup the default recorder meta-data