Extron devices can be configured with a web-interface almost similar for al certified types. Follow the next steps below to setup your recorder to connect to OVS.


By default the Extron web-interface can be accessed by anyone.  So we are going to add a password to the default admin account.

  • Go to the Extron recorder web-interface
  • Select Configuration

  • Select Users and Roles from the sub-menu

  • Fill in the new password (twice) and save the new settings.
  • Write down the password together with the IP address and the MAC address of the device

File type en name

The default recording file-type is set to mv4, but OVS requires mp4.

  • Go to the Extron recorder web-interface
  • Select Configuration

  • Now select System Settings from the sub menu
  • Unfold Default Recording File Names
  • Select mp4
  • Save your changes

Automatic file upload

The extron recorders are capable of uploading a recording to another storage location. We will be using this feature to upload recordings to a shared folder on the Presentations 2go OVS server.

  • Go to the Extron recorder web-interface
  • Select Recorded events

  • Click on Publish Settings

  • Select FTP/SFTP/CIFS server from the Active Profiles
  • Switch to Other FTP/SFTP/CIFS in the Publishing Destination Configuration


  • Enter the recorder username you have created earlier
  • Enter the password for this recorder account
  • Select CIFS as transfer protocol
  • Enter the server-name and shared root folder
  • Set server port at 445
  • Enter the unique recorder folder you have created previously in the shared root folder
  • Set the domain name (or machine name in case of local-machine accounts)
  • Select Complete Recording Folders

Save and test your connection. The extron will create and remove a tmp folder on the OVS server during the test.

NOTE: Other settings are type specific and will be explained per type.