Once you have setup the shared root folder and recorder account(s), you are ready to add recorders to the Presentations 2go open video server.

  • Sign in with an account member of the administrators group.
  • Select Recorders from the left menu
  • Click the + sign on the right bottom site

Now you are ready to select the recorder brand and type

  • Select your Brand
  • Now select the type representing the recorder you want to add

The following fields may differ per brand/type.  


The friendly name of your recorder, as shown in the recorders page

IP Address:

The IP address of the recorder (make sure the recorder gets a static IP)

Stream name:

The name of the publishing point. This needs to be unique, one word, only letters and numbers.


The username to sign in to the recorder


The password needed to sign-in with above username to the recorder

Shared Folder:

The unique sub-folder in the shared root folder where content will be placed temporarily.

Select the brand/type from the table of contents in this help site to configure your device.