The Live Channel feature gives you a method to partially integrate not certified devices. For example OBS.

Although there is no API to start/stop/schedule recordings, you can still setup a streaming channel and publish folder.

OVS features

Record to CIFS

Stream via OVS

Example: Open Broadcaster Studio

  • Click on Settings

  • Select Output from the left menu
  • Change the recording path to save directly to the shared folder on OVS.
  • Check Generate file name without space
  • Select mp4 as recording format
  • Confirm the changes with Apply

  • Click on Stream in the left menu
  • Change Stream type into Custom Streaming Server
  • The server URL should look like rtmp://IP:1935/multi
  • The Stream name should be the same as you have setup when adding the recorder to OVS (Add recorders) (one word with only letters and numbers, no spaces)
  • Confirm with apply