Poor player performance is often caused by outdated graphics drivers and hardware acceleration in de browser.Browser manufactur ers try to improve browser performance by using the capabilities of the graphics card to do render frames faster. This method is called Hardware Acceleration. But browsers depend on graphic drivers on your PC to be up to date. When the drivers are not up to date, the effect might counterproductive.

In your browser you may experience choppy playback of video when hardware acceleration doesn’t work as it should. The first step to improve is to update you graphics drivers of you PC to the latest version. This only works if you have an Intel of nVidea GPU. Find and install the latest driver on the pc manufacturer website.

Alternatively you can disable hardware acceleration in the browser. The method to do so differs per browser:



Type about:preferences#advanced in the address bar of you browser and uncheck the following checkbox:

Then close and restart the browser.


Type chrome://settings/system in the address bar of you browser and switch the following switch to off:


Click on the Red Opera icon in the top left of your browser and select Settings from the menu.

In the settings menu that appears type “Hardware” in the Search box

Uncheck the “Use hardware acceleration when available” checkbox and restart the browser.

Internet Explorer 11 and Edge

Click the Tools menu item in the menu bar of the browser.

Click Internet Options and the Advanced tab

Select “Use software rendering instead of GPU Rendering”.

You need to restart your computer for this setting to take effect.





Firefox video performance is pretty bad in the current version so you can better switch to Chrome or Safari