Text based tagging

With tagging you can add comments to rich media recordings and videos. The comments are connected to the timeline and will pop-up during the live stream (chat) and playback.

There are two tagging methods:

  • Player based tagging
  • Text based tagging

Player based tagging was already explained in the player section

Text based tagging is used for e.g. note taking while present in the lecture room. During the lecture, you can immediately assign tags (keywords) to the parts of the lecture that are relevant to you, by using a tagging web application on a laptop, iPad or mobile phone.

The lectures will be recorded as Web Lectures and made available on the internet afterwards. 'Tagging’ makes it easier for you to review important parts of the lecture.

Follow the following procedures to tag a live session:

  • Select Tagging in the menu bar
  • Sign in
  • Click on select a session

  • Find your session title in the list
  • Click on the session code above the title

  • Click on Tag now, to set the time marker
  • Take your time to enter the text and description, since the time marker is already set.
  • Mark your tag as private (optional)
  • Continue with Create to save your tag.

  • In case you change your mind, click on Back to List and your entry is ignored

Moderators will have an additional web interface to monitor incoming messages from live sessions.