Presentations2Go video server can be configured to use various authentication methods.

  • Local database accounts
  • iClaims (ADFS/Azure)
  • SAML (Shibboleth, SurfConext, EntrĂ©e)
  • Office365

Local database accounts

The super user account is set during installation in order to gain access the first time. The super user account has full administrator rights.

Enable Show register link in case you want users to create their own local database accounts.  

SAML Identity Format

The SAML identity is always a combination of three attributes. Normally eduPersonTargetedId, uid and mail. With these three attributes it becomes possible to uniquely identify a user in our system. If any of the attributes is not supplied or cannot be referred to as a person, you can use other attributes to do so.

Based on these attributes is should be possible for users to grant other users access to their content. Therefore, either one or more attributes should contain a recognisable unique combination of values like email address or username.

By default, the personal folders are named by the username. When SAML 2 authentication is used, the username value consists of edupersontargetedID, UID and email address. Not all three values are always available, but you can choose which one you want to use for the folder naming convention. In case you change this configuration, you need to update existing folders.

Sign in message

You can pop-up a message after the user is authenticated. The message will automatically disappear based on the timeout settings.