To increase the audio level there are 2 methods

  1. Via the audio mixing room
  2. Using the external WaveEditor tool

Audio mixing room

  • Select your clip
  • Place the red line at the start of the clip
  • Press the audio mixing icon (or press f9)

  • Drag the slider of audio1 to the correct level e.g. +5dB
  • Move the red line to the end of the clip
  • Drag the slider again to +5dB


  • Right click on the Clip
  • Select Edit Audio | WaveEditor (this can take some time to load)

  • Select Effects | Volume | Boost

  • Increase the volume
  • Continue with OK

  • Simply close the WaveEditor

  • Select Yes

Now the track will be reloaded with a new volume


When you are ready you need to produce the video. You first need to set the correct output format (resolution, filetype, compression)

  • Click Produce in the top menubar
  • Select H.264 AVC
  • Select MP4
  • Click on + to create a new profile

  • Give your profile a friendly name and change the video settings to match this settings:

  • Continue with OK
  • Change the output folder to match your recording folder and save the video as "video.mp4"

  • Continue with Save
  • Press start to start rendering the new video.

Now you have prepared your recording folder with the new trimmed clip and you are ready to publish.