The p2g_textlink_target custom parameter can be used to set the link target when using a single item result with Link with custom text





Allowed values

  • embed – insert the item at the current insertion point (for example, using an img tag or an object tag);
  • frame – open the item in the same frame as the link;
  • iframe –  open the item within an iframe within the same page/frame as the link;
  • window – open the item in a new window (or tab);
  • popup – open the item in a popup window (using the dimensions provided, if any);
  • overlay – open the item over the top of the page where the link exists (for example, using a lightbox).
  • none – the item is not intended for display but for storing or processing (for example, an assignment submission may just be stored without a link to it being added to the course).

NOTE: none is not allowed in Brightspace


if you do not use this custom parameter the default behavior will be