The parameter p2g_tagging allows you to have different comment sessions connected to the same video.





Allowed values

  • sessionid
  • lti_context_id
  • lti_resource_link_id


IMS roles seperated by |

e.g. administrator, instructor, learner, observer



The Presentations2Go videoserver automatically creates a unique sessionid for every uploaded video. However, if you would use the same video in multiple courses or pages within a course, you would share the same comments at multiple places.

Therefor we introduced p2g_tagging. With p2g_taggging=lti_context_id the unique LMS course ID will be used instead. This means every time you use the same video in the same course, you will see the same comments. If you want to make comments unique per LMS page, you could even use p2g_tagging=lti_resource_link_id.

NOTE: Be aware, when you are using lti_resouce_link_id, and delete the LMS page, you also disconnect the comments. There is no option to reconnect to those comments anymore.