The LTI standard does not have handlers for cleaning up orphaned connections.

When you remove a page, module or course in your LMS (tool consumer) there is no information shared with Presentations2Go (tool provider).

After several years using the same LTI key/pair the Presentations2Go LTI tables will be filled with orphaned records.

Therefor we keep track of the last accessed date for each LTI page. In the Presentations2Go server we have setup two scheduled task

(General settings | Tasks) for LTI table sanitation.

Remove LTI logs after

Each LTI interaction is logged. These logs are meant for troubleshooting and are set default to delete automatically after 30 days.

Remove LTI Link information

This feature allows you to sanitize the "pages" table. Pages which have not been accessed for a long period (in years) will automatically be removed. They will be seen as "orphaned".