1. Provider Domain: Enter the URL of your Presentations2Go videoserver.
  2. Provider Domain Status: If you want to use the LTI connection, you should select “Approved”.
  3. Default Configuration: You can decide whether to provide a separate configuration for each instance in which you want to use LTI in a course or set it globally.
    • Set globally: Use this option when everyone shall enter the same connection. You do not need to provide the consumer key and secret when a link to Presentations2Go is added in a course as it is set here.
  4. Tool Provider Key: Paste the consumer key for the LTI connection that you set up earlier.
  5. Tool Provider Secret: Paste the consumer secret for the LTI connection that you set up earlier.
  6. Ignore
  7. Send User Data: Decide how you want to send user data to Presentations2Go:
    • Send user data only over SSL: User data is sent encrypted. This option is the preferred option for production sites.
  8. User Fields to be Sent: Select, which user fields you want to send across to Presentations2Go.
    • Role in Course: Required
    • Name: Required
    • Email Address: Required
  9. Show User Acknowledgement Message: Ignore
  10. Message Text: Ignore
  11. Click the Submit button to continue or click the Cancel button to abort the changes.