Site title

The site title will set the title visible in browser tab.


You can enable a banner which will be positioned at the top of the page

After you enable the banner, you can upload a banner by clicking on the file icon.

You can either place the banner above the menu bar (top) or below (bottom).

Use Fit, Alignment and Height to optimize the position and scaling.




The showcase is a feature to highlight some interesting videos. Make sure you only select videos with anonymous read access.

There are 2 different modes

  1. Collection
  2. Carousel

After you turn the showcase feature on you can add videos via the + sign. First secure a list with video id's that have anonymous access.

You can paste each id individually and commit by clicking on the + sign, or select video's from the home page via add to showcase.


The format of the collection is set via the template. The number represents rows, the _ marks the columns.

In the example above we see 1 row and 5 columns.

Another example : 2_1_1_2

The fist column has 2 rows, followed by 2 columns with 1 row and the last column has 2 rows again.

The possibilities are endless e.g.:

  • 1_3_3_1
  • 3_1_2
  • 1_1_1_1_2
  • etc


In carousel mode, the selected showcase videos will be presented one by one and slide in an endless loop.


Adjust the color schema by selecting a primary and secondary color. Click on the example color to open the color picker.


Instead of following the browser language, you can select the default language. Anonymous visitors and new users will see the interface in this language.

A signed-in user can select a different language in the personal settings.