Users can customize the representation of the home page. Click on the avatar right of the search box.

Select Settings from the personalized menu


Homepage Sections

You can enable/disable lists from the your personal home page.


The administrator selects the default site language. However, signed-in users can select a different site language

Audio Preview

When you hover over a video or audio file, they start to play a preview. When you enable this feature, you will also hear the audio.

Share my favorites

If you enable this feature, other users can visit you favorites page. However, they will only see items they have access to. So if anonymous users (not signed in) would visit your favorites page, they would only see videos that have anonymous access enabled.

The link to your favorites is based on your email address.


Change Avatar

Upload you own avatar, Click on the icon to open the file explorer.

Account info

In account info you see group memberships, roles and activity.