The main page of the video server is the home page. The home page shows a summary of various available lists. The lists will only show content you are allowed to see.

The availability of the lists is set by the administrators.  

Branded list

  • Showcase;  a collections of public items set by the administrators

General lists

  • Latest
  • Top rated
  • Most viewed

Personalized lists

The personalized lists are only available when you sign in.

  • Favorites; you personal list of favorites
  • History
  • Shared content
  • My content

The visibility of the lists on the home page can be customized by signed-in users.

  • To show more rows, click on centered arrow below a list.
  • Click on the title of the list to navigate a full page representation of the list.
    Just scroll down to get more rows of content.


There are two types of menus

  1. General menu
  2. Personalized menu

The content of the menus can be limited by the administrators