Controller Features

The Presentations2Go Controller dynamically controls vMix Live Production software.

  • Connect to the Presentations2Go Open Video Server (OVS) platform
  • Synchronize meta data setting
  • Set meta data for new recordings
  • Startup vMix with default Presentations2Go optimized profile
  • Start / Stop recordings made with vMix Live Production
  • Setup a multi-bitrate live stream to a Presentations2Go OVS
  • Automatically publish recordings to a Presentations2Go OVS
  • Manually publish recordings to a Presentations2Go OVS
  • Locally schedule recordings and live streams
  • Synchronize your local schedule with a Presentations2Go OVS
  • Remote control PTZ Visca and Pelco cameras  (Sony, Canon, iSmart)
  • Virtual pause while recording.

vMix Features

  • Input Sources (Video Capture from HDMI, HD-SDI, SDI, Component, S-Video, Composite as supported by source from SD up to 4K, NDI, AVI, WMV, MPEG, MXF, MP4 and QuickTime files, PowerPoint (static slides only), Audio Files (MP3, WAV), Audio Devices, Photos, Remote computer screen capture via Ethernet, Flash (SWF) and Flash Video (FLV), RTSP and TS (Transport Stream) Sources (H264 Video / AAC Audio), Teradek Cube, RTMP Sources

WPF (Xaml), Video Delay /Replay - Create a looping delay feed of any camera and save short video clips in real time, Solid Colour and Colour Bars, Web Browser

  • Live Video Mixing Effects (Cross Fade, Cut, 3D Zoom, Slide Effect, Wipe Effect, Cube Effect, FlyRotate Effect, Fly Effect, CrossZoom Effect, Merge Effect, Colour Keying and Chroma Keying with Auto Green or Blue Screen, Stinger, Transitions
  • Live Video Filters (Colour Correction, Black/White Level Adjustments, Colour Keying and Chroma Keying (Blue or Green screen), Luma Key, Key and Fill sources, Deinterlacing and Sharpen, Zoom, Rotate, Pan and Crop)
  • Web/Tablet Interface (Customisable grid of buttons for easy touch screen control of vMix, Edit titles via any Smart Phone, Turn any Smart Phone into a Tally Light)
  • Multi View (Combine six inputs (background and five foreground) to create a multi view output in many configurations including split-screen and picture-in-picture.)
  • Overlay (Overlay any Input with alpha channel transparency as either a full overlay or PIP (Picture In Picture), Four Overlay Inputs supported at a time in 4K, HD and SD Editions)
  • PlayList (Automate playback of multiple inputs with the PlayList feature, Set start time, duration and transition effect for each item in the PlayList)
  • Live Streaming (Built in RTMP live streaming to providers such as USTREAM, YouTube Live and more.)
  • Recording
  • Audio (Full Audio Mixer for each input with configurable Master Audio Meter, Audio can be included with Video Recording using any available audio capture sources, vMix Audio device available for easy audio recording with 3rd party applications, Up to three independent Audio Mixes can be created and sent out to Windows and ASIO compatible devices, Support for multi-channel audio inputs from ASIO devices)
  • ONVIF PTZ - Pan Tilt Zoom camera control
  • Delay