This sections enables you to configure the background tasks.


Run nightly maintenance jobs at:

This process start the maintenance jobs.  It will compare the database with the file system and correct inconsistencies.

Show completed transcoding job for

Show a list with finished transcoding jobs on the Transcoding status page.

Refresh Catalog database on start

After an update all services restart. If you check this feature the maintenance jobs will also start. This process can take many hours on large datasets.

Clean-up and renaming

Remove schedules after expired for (Days)

This interval will check for expired schedules and remove them.

Remove assets after being in the recycle bin after (Days)

When assets are deleted via the web-interface or workflow they are automatically placed in the Recycle bin. This service will remove items from the recycle bin. Also removed LTI keypairs will be deleted.

Remove LTI link information (years)

An external tool page in a LMS creates database entries in the Presentations2Go database. Every time a page is requested the record is updated. To sanitize your database you can delete database records not being requested over a long period of time.

Remove assets after being orphaned/failed/canceled for (Days)

Incomplete uploads, empty folders, abandoned zipped downloads are removed automatically.

Remove logs files after (Days)

File system logs stored in the recordings root directory will be rotated.

Remove statistics raw data after (Months)

Raw statistics are analyzed and processed daily. Raw data can be deleted automatically from database using this setting.

Automatic user deletion

You can automatically clean-up inactive accounts after a set amount of days. Default: never
(introduced in 6.1)

Workflow process

Run workflow:

Interval time for the workflow to process all folders with workflow rules set.

Import users and groups

Run Import

Interval time for the import service to run. Interval starts after the previous process has finished.

Import users or group URL

Link to a text or zip file with groups or users to import

Process download timeout:

If the link to the import files does not respond within the timeout period, the process will postpone to the next interval.

Import schedules

Run Import

Interval time for the import service to run. Interval starts after the previous process has finished.