Add video

  • Click on New Video to open the upload form.
  • Select an input file using the button.  Or drag a video into the popup window.
  • Set the playback quality settings by selecting a multi bitrate profile

NOTE: Video’s will never be up-scaled to large resolutions.

  • Fill the required metadata fields.

You can enter some fields in multiple languages. Use the + and – buttons to show/hide a language. Required multilingual fields should be filled in at least 1 language.

You can resize the multiline textboxes when dragging the lower right corner.

NOTE: The resize feature might not work in all browsers.

  • Scroll down to Set the permissions by selecting a group or user(s)

Permissions are already populated with inherited permissions set by the application manager.

  • Click add

You can add a group or user. The selection box is automatically populated as soon as you start typing.

NOTE: If you do not know which groups/users are available, just type * to see them all.

  • Select you user/group of choice.
  • Check the appropriate permissions.
    • Full access; Edit metadata and permissions, download, delete
    • Modify; Edit metadata
    • Read; view asset in catalogue and player
  • Commit the group/user with OK.
  • Repeat these steps until all requested users/groups are visible under Permissions.
  • Save your settings and start uploading with Save.


NOTE: You cannot change or delete inheritable permissions.

After uploading the video will be placed in the transcoding queue.

Transcoding in progress

Optional settings

  • Change the metadata
  • Add contributors
  • Upload a preselected image for preview and thumbnail. The uploaded image will automatically be resized.
  • Select a custom video transcoding profile

Replace video

As well as changing the metadata, you can also replace the video file.

  • Go to My Media | Video
  • Open the location of choice
  • Click on the more… to get into edit mode (see previous paragraph) of the video you want to update.
  • Proceed with modify and select a new video.

  • If you select Keep old file name, the filename of the selected video will be renamed to the filename in Presentations2Go.

  • Commit your changes with Update

Change Thumbnail

The thumbnail shown in the catalogue is automatically generated.  You can also upload your own thumbnail. The uploaded image will automatically resize and replace the previous one.

  • Click on the more… to get into edit mode (see previous paragraph) of the thumbnail you want to replace.
  • Proceed with modify.

  • Select Use Picture to get the Add file option
  • Click Browse and select an image
  • Continue with Update

NOTE: You might need to refresh your browser cache before the image is shown.

Transcoding log

The uploaded video is placed in a transcoding queue at the server. The video is transcoded in one or multiple formats for playback on various devices. The transcoding results for each format can be reviewed.