Since release 5.4 server performance can be monitored via the web interface. The information is aggregated and stored in the database.

The server status tab is default available for administrators , but can also be assigned as a permission to a custom role.

Server Info

The server info shows information about the (virtual) hardware.


To be able to retrieve the status of services, the account that P2GCatalogueService and IIS are running under (by default that’s Network Service) needs to have “Query Service Status” permission. This can be set by the following command if required “SUBINACL /SERVICE \\MachineName\ServiceName /GRANT=[DomainName\]UserName[=Access]”

The "Catalogue service user" also needs (read) access to registry to retrieve information about the network driver to statistics info from network adapter.

This scenario might apply when IIS and services run under a domain service account instead of Network Service.

Service Status

This tab informs you about the various services running. Per service you can enable warning messages.


Per Network adapter you can monitor traffic.


Server CPU usage can be monitored via the CPU tab.


This tab monitors the used memory.

Storage Usage

With this tab you can monitor the growth of storage over time.

Streaming Status

The streaming status monitors the traffic generated by the players. There are various graphs you can request.

Server Load

Server loads shows the concurrent on-demand and live viewers.

Server Info

This tab shows more information about the server architecture.