NOTE: This feature will be depricated in next releases

Besides publishing with the Presentations2Go Encoder Pro you can also manually upload rich media recordings. Rich media recordings can be made with the Presentations2Go Encoder en Edit.

  • Presentations2Go Encoder (until version 4); Select Jobs at the Publish menu and click export.
  • Presentations2Go Editor ; Create or open an Richmedia recording. Select Save as new recording (Produce).

After updating the metadata change the filetype into Richmedia Files (*.richmedia)

Rich media uploads are stored in the personal folders of the users.

Add Richmedia

You can upload rich media files created with Presentations2Go products such as Presentations2Go Lite, Pro and Rich Media Editor.

  • Select New Richmedia
  • Browse to your recording (*.richmedia) and continue with Save