Now grab the Presentations2Go Server installation zip file from:

Download it and extract the zip file.

Run setup.exe in the root of the extracted zip file.

In this installation we assume you have a server with two hard drives.

  • System disk (C:\)
  • Data disk (D:\)

Click Next

Read and accept the license agreement

Type the user and organization name

The installer will check if all pre-requisites are installed. In this case a SQL server installation has not been found. The installer allows you to download the latest version of SQL Express but if you will be using a remote SQL server, you can skip this step.

If you use SQL Express you may want to install SQL Management Studio too. SQL Server versions from 2008R2 and later are supported. The installation of SQL Express will not be discussed in this document.

When running SQL Server on the same server as Presentations2Go Server, you can use integrated/windows authentication. When the SQL server is on another server, you will have to use SQL authentication.

In this installation we will be using SQL Express 2012R2 on the local server and use Windows authentication.

After SQL Express has been installed, the check will confirm all prerequisites installed.

Click next

Select “Complete” and click next

Click install