When users experience performance related playback issues there are several ways to optimize your environment.

  1. Make sure you have disabled instant playback in General Settings | Transcoder service
    Since the default recording bit rate on the Stream Studio recorders is set at 8Mbps, instant playback not be useful for your viewers.

    Uncheck "Show published recording in catalog before being transcoded". Now new recordings will only be visible/available after transcoding.

  2. Users with older hardware might not have sufficient graphics power (GPU) to playback video with all available features. The player will try to detect this and force the viewer to use Simple Mode.
    In simple mode the player will not use canvas technology. Therefore:
    -  360 degree video will be disabled
    - Switching sides, PiP and other scenario's will be disabled.

Server performance

There are various parameters which influences web catalog and server performance:

Disk i/o

are there backups running, or hardware issues, SAN overload.
Although this depends per server environment, when the Disk Queue is >1 you might be experience issues.


Besides heavily use (shared server?) circular group references causes very slow database responses e.g.  group A is member of group b, and group b is member of group a


4K video rendering uses a lot of memory, so if users upload many 4K video files and you allow 4K transcoding profiles, you might need to increase your server memory.


high CPU load caused by transcoding is normal, but if transcoding a video takes more than 2-times the video duration you have to check your settings.
Lower the Max Worker Thread in General Settings | Transcoder Service. We advise to start with 2 and not use values above 6. Too high values might also generate high memory use.

Network traffic

When there is too many traffic, the first response of the video player will be switching to a lower profile (if available), similar to end-user bandwidth issues. However, if this still generates too much traffic the player will start buffering.

Be aware of the "Show published recording in catalog before being transcoded" switch in General Settings | Transcoder Service. If 100 viewers start watching native recordings (before transcoding is finished) in 8Mbps, this will generate a 800Mbps load. Therefore we strongly advise to DISABLE this feature.

Note: Since version 5.4 you can also monitor server status via the web interface.