Are you Administrator

Check the mail settings in General Settings | Mail

Do you use a Onegeni (Social Media) account

If someone hasn’t verified their email address when using Onegini to login on a Presentataions2Go server with a social account, not all metadata will be forwarded to the Presentations2Go Server.

The result is that the server cannot send you emails about the status of processes on the Presentations2Go Server (eg transcoding progress, quota depletion, data removal etc.) but also that it might be unable to make you member of groups that the admin intended you to be member of.

When you first used Onegini you received an email to verify you email address but some users ignore this email, miss it or forget it. Since the activation email expires, using it later doesn’t work either.

You can however force email verification again via the Onegini portal.

Login to

There you will see a button bar with the Security option.

Click that button

Behind the email address you will see a link Verify.

Clicking that will send you a new verification email to verify you email address. You should follow the actions in that email.