Open the General settings page and expand the General options by clicking the + sign on the right side

General settings

Verify the settings above and press “Generate key” to create a new Presentations2Go module secret key. This key is used to generate a token to access the streaming video files.

After changing settings that have and asterisk (*) next to the text box, you will need to restart the service to apply these settings. In this case the Apache service needs to be restarted.

If you received a Presentations2Go Features key, enter it in the appropriate text box. This may enable additional modules in Presentations2Go Server.

If you want to gather statistics using Google analytics, enter the analytics key in the appropriate text box.

If you want to use Akamai CDN, you will need to insert the Akamai Token Auth key and change the adaptive streaming Url to the Akamai Url (often something like

Set the session timeout value as you desire but in Saml2.0 environments you might want to match it to the Saml2.0 session timeout period.