This section shows you the configuration of the assets location. All automatically or manually published encoder recordings are uploaded to the Recordings Assets folder. Video uploads in personal or group folders are placed in the Uploads Assets folder. For personal folders a separate folder per user is created.

Playlist and Virtual Asset Authorization Mode determines the accessibility of playlists and virtual assets. In Override mode the owner/creator of such an asset can determine new accessibility rights, and invite users that didn't have access to the original video(s). In Complement (default) mode the original accessibility rights are inherited by the virtual asset or playlist. In case of a playlist it can result in access to a limited number of videos instead of all videos for individual users.

Default Filter Date will speed-up website performance on servers with many assets (>1000) for signed-in users.  It will automatically limit the results to the selected date filter. Users can still overrule this setting and select a shorter or longer period.

Show Web RTC recorder adds a menu item Record in My Media for those users that are allowed to see My Media.

Clicking on this menu item will explain how to install and use the Presentations2Go Screencast recorder.