Version 1.5.2


  • Device goes to sleep when uploading large recordings immediately after recording.
    Uploading large files from tasks (retry) works fine.

Version 1.5.0


  • Error uploading large files

Fixes and features

  • Audio gain set to maximum value
  • Unexpected shutdown while recording, orphaned recording is restored after restart app
  • Dark mode supported
  • Support for devices without home button
  • Missing Dutch translations added
  • Upload from photo library supported again
  • Move video to photo library button introduced

Version 1.4.8


  • audio volume when not close to the device
  • Unexpected device shutdown will create orphaned hidden recording
  • Upload from photo library fails with recent iOS updates (13.2)


All 1.3 issues where fixed

Version 1.3

- Upload will stop when the device screen is turned of or goes to sleep.

- While publishing the video also shows in tasks. You could publish the same task twice.

- Typo in settings "Defaut folder"

- History listing shows completed in log while still uploading.

- High quality video on older devices (6th, 7th gen) can exhaust the memory causing the device to reboot. Recording will be lost.

- Sign-in sometimes fails, you will not see a warning, but a cryptic token response.

TIP: To upload large files you need to put the device on power and disable sleep mode when device is powered.