Trim video by cutting out unwanted parts

With OpenShot Video Editor you can cut and trim your recording and save the result into a new video.

However, this is only possible when re-encoding/rendering the video again.

Rendering a video comes with some disadvantages

  1. It takes a lot of time
  2. When rendering a video to mp4 (or other compressed formats), you loose some quality.
    Ideal you always revert to the original recording to make edits.
    Re-editing a edited video (multiple times) degrades the video quality unless it is stored uncompressed.

Default the Stream Studio records in 8Mbps Full HD mp4 video format. When trimming a video we advise to save the result in the same quality.


First make sure you selected a Full HD project.

  • Click edit
  • Select Preferences
  • Click on Profiles and change the default profile into HD 1080p 25fps.

Now we can add a video into the project.

  • Browse to the folder with the recording.
  • Make a copy or rename the video
  • Drag the video into OpenShot Video Editor

  • Now drag the video from the upperleft part to the 1st timeline (track 4)

Now we are going to split the video into multiple parts and delete the unwanted fragments.

  • Drag the red line to the position you want to start or end a selection.
  • Right-Click on the position marker and select what to keep.
  • If you want to remove a part in the middle, select keep both sides when.

  • Repeat this step to isolate the fragments
  • Click on a fragment you want to delete and press del to remove the frament.
  • You have to manually move the fragments to remove the empty spaces.
  • Repeat this step until you have the wanted result.

When you are ready you can export the video by pressing the red button.

  • Change the output folder to match your recording folder and save the video as "video.mp4"
  • Select a video quality

Medium results in 5Mbps while High produces a 15Mbps video.

  • Click Export VIdeo to continue

Now you have prepared your recording folder with the new trimmed clip and you are ready to publish.