The Monarch HDx is a dual source recording device without the option to create Side-by-Side or Picture-in-Picture combined outputs. Monarch HDx has two selectable video input settings in the Input Type drop-down list on the Input Settings page: HDMI and SDI. Inputs for both formats are on the back of the device.

Only one can be the source for streaming and recording at a time. You can switch between inputs from the Command Center or by using the control button; however, only after a streaming or recording session has been stopped. If you attempt to switch the inputs while encoding, the encoder will stop, and will have to be restarted to encode from the new input.

This places the HDx in between the HD (record and stream 1 input) and the LCS (record and stream a combined input).

OVS Certified features

Remote start record

Remote stop record

Remote start record and streaming

Remote stop record and streaming

Remote scheduling

Record to CIFS