Lumens offers two OVS certified recorders, the VS-LC101 and VS-LC102. The VS-LC101 and VCS-LC102 only differ in disk capacity. The LC-102 comes with an 1Tb internal disk, while the older LC101 has none. With the VS-LC series you can record up to 4 inputs into a single output.  The recorders have 8 input connectors and 2 output connectors.


Channel 1: HDMI or VGA

Channel 2: HDMI or VGA

Channel 3: IP

Channel 4: IP

Channel 5: IP

Channel 6: IP



The output is selectable and can be a single input or a combination. It does not have to be the same as the recording/streaming output.

The devices stream in RTSP or RTMP format.  The RTMP stream can be forwarded to a Presentations 2Go RTMP_Bridge.