The MoodleBox is a perfect way to start with your MoodleVideo subscription.

We build a full blown mini moodle server for you with integrated wireless access point, based on the MoodleBox project.

  • Raspberry Pi 3B with 1Gb memory
  • 64Gb Sandisk Extreme Pro microSD card
  • MoodleBox image
  • Original Raspberry Pi power adapter
  • Raspberry Pi case

We have prepared the box custom made for you.

  1. Added the moodlevideo introduction course
  2. Installed the Presentations2Go moodle module
  3. Setup the Presentations2Go moodle module to communicate with your personal moodlevideo account.

The box is fully plug-and-play. Just connect it to the wired internet and power-up the box.

Search for the wireless accesspoint called Moodlebox and connect with password moodlebox

Now navigate to http://moodlebox.home and login with the default administrator account:

Username:        admin

Password:        Moodlebox4$

Change the master accounts

It is strongly advised to change your admin password before you start using the moodlebox with students.


You can access the mini server console with ssh or putty.

Username:        moodlebox

Password:        Moodlebox4$

It is strongly advised to change this password immediately too.