1. Go to System admin > Tools and Utilities > Basic LTI tools.

  1. Click Register New Tool.

  2. Enter the LTI name and description.

  3. Complete the Connection details:
    1. Launch url
    2. Consumer key
    3. Shared secret
    4. Signature method, select the correct  signature method
  4. Click Submit.

  5. Click next to the title of your new LTI connection and select in the drop-down menu Edit data settings.

  6. In the section Context Data  check Context ID, Context Sourcedid and Context Title.
  7. Select in the drop-down menu behind Value to use for context ID the requested context id.

  8. In Personal Data set the following options:
    1. User ID, select Required by Tool.
    2. Value to use for user ID, optional select UUID.
    3. User name, optional select Username.
    4. Email, select Required by tool.
    5. User Roles, required, check this option.

  9. Under Course Role Mappings set the LTI roles. Studens need to be Learner. Teachers need to be Instructor.
  10. Check Send administrator role.

  11. Click Submit.

  12. Enable LTI  by checking the checkbox for the new LTI connection. Click Status and select Enable.

  13. Check the new LTI connection, Click  Content menu and select the content type. Select a Build Content items