With the Presentations2Go OVS Screencast recorder you can record your screen and camera/microphone to create a Presentations2Go Richmedia recording. Presentations2Go OVS Screencast recorder is an WebRTC application. Once published to your Presentations2Go OVS server, it handles just like another Rich media recording with all features available in Presentations2Go Server.

This Chrome app allows you to record from your desktop* in various formats.

  1. Desktop
  2. Desktop with internal audio included
  3. Desktop with selected microphone
  4. Desktop with internal audio and selected microphone
  5. Desktop with internal audio, selected microphone and selected camera
  6. Desktop with selected microphone and selected camera
  7. Desktop with selected  camera
  8. Camera
  9. Camera with selected microphone
  10. Microphone

The Screencast recorder records video in Webm and audio in Wave format. The recordings are stored in the local browser app storage on your desktop. When you delete the app all local recordings will be removed instantly.  If you record Desktop with  Camera (and audio) enabled the recording will be Side-By-Side with the Desktop on the left side and the camera on the right side.

After you stop recording you can playback the result instantly and upload it to the Presentations2Go video server.