You can set your own default vMix profile. Click on browse to open the settings window.

Last Modified

vMix regularly saves changed settings into last.vmix. Using this option will load the last automatically saved settings.

Always Ask

This will force a pop-up. You will need to select a profile before vMix starts.

  • Click on Browse to change the default
  • Select a profile and click Set as Default

Always Ask

When you select "Always Ask" the interface will change slightly.

Set as Default

With this button you can set the selected profile as default.

Scan Drives for vMix Profiles

This will force a scan for *.vmix files on all connected disks.

Use Selected vMix Profile

This button will continue starting the Stream Studio with the selected profile

  • Click on the profile you want to use.
  • Now select "Use Seleceted vMix Profile"