During startup the software will check for new releases.  This check will only be done once a day.

When a new release is available you will get the following popup window.

If you click on Download you default browser will open and download setup.exe.

  • First close the Presentations2Go Controller application

After you open setup.exe you might get the following warnings (since you downloaded an exe via a browser)

  • Click More info to reveal the Run anyway button.

The installer will now check which parts of the stream studio needs to be updated. Just follow the installer and confirm all questions (next - next - finish).

If you did not close the Presentations2Go controller you will see this warning

  • Close the Presentations2Go Controller application before you click Retry

Next step will be checking for vMix updates. In Current and Installed version are equal you can close the window.

Finally the combined installer will confirm the process is completed.