One of the special source you can add is a title. Default a lot of various titles are provided, but you can also create your own titles with the vMix Title Designer found in the Windows start menu.

Each title counts as an input source. To enable a title simply follow the Overlay instructions.

Why use a title instead of a static image banner? Because you can dynamic update the title text and description via a browser while recording/streaming.

Also the title source offers features like Timers, ScoreBoard, Tickers and even social media integration like twitter responses.

To edit the title text from the application

  • Right Click on the small title preview and select Title Editor

  • Change text and settings
  • Enable the source as overlay 1
  • Press play button and activate LOOP

To edit the text via a browser you first need to know the IP address of your recorder. On the recorder you can always try

  • Now click on the white T and click on the title (*.xaml) below.

  • Just change the Title text and press Update

For more detailed explanations :