With the vMix Social app you can setup a social media fountain and show the messages as a special type of title in your output.

Follow these steps to setup a social media linked title

  • Add a Title Source and select a "Social" template

  • Next start vMix Social from the start menu

We are setting up Twitter in this example.

  • Click on the Twitter icon
  • Click on Login to Twitter under Step 1 of the twitter settings wizard.

  • Sign-in and Press the blue Authorize App button.

  • Copy the PIN you receive

  • Paste the PIN under Step 2
  • Update the Twitter search term, e.g. #news

  • Press OK to close the wizard
  • Now select the correct title, I named my new title "Social Media Title"
  • Check the Trigger overlay feature, this will automatically turn on the title when needed
  • Check Automatically update title

  • Press on the red ON button next to the twitter icon to start harvesting tweets
  • Make sure you UNCHECK Queued entries only (unless you only want monitored tweets in your presentation)

For more detailed explanations :  http://www.vmix.com/social/help/