Server connection

First we need to setup the connection with the Presentations2Go Open Video Server to receive the metadata configuration and setup live streaming and publishing settings.

  • Click on Settings

  • Give your encoder a convenient name. This name is also published on the Presentations2Go Video server website.
    This name will also be used as channel name for the live stream. Only use Latin letters (a-z) and numbers (0-9) without spaces.

  • Now click Configure...

  • Enter your Presentations2Go website address
  • Continue with Next

  • Click Finish to save your settings and close the settings interface

Default settings

Once the connection with the server is setup you can set the recordings metadata. Be aware, last used settings are saved so you only need to update changes.

Live Broadcast

When Live Broadcast is enabled the live stream will start and stop automatically when you start a recording.

Publish when finished

Check this box if you want the recordings to be automatically uploaded to the Presentations2Go Open Video Server.


You can limit a recording by setting a maximum duration in minutes, so when you forget a manual started recording it will automatically stop.

Use 0 to disable this feature and e.g. 300 to force a stop after 5 hours.