The Schedules menu is used to prepare local tasks and/or synchronize recording tasks with a Presentations2Go videoserver. Scheduled tasks will only start when Presentations2Go software has started. Events can start automatically (timed) or manual. They can be entered locally and/or synchronized from a Presentations2Go video server.

Metadata, accessibility, live broadcasting and automatic publishing  can be configured in advance per event.

** Time Service
Time synchronization is essential for accurate Scheduling. When the Video Server and Stream Studio are not in sync unexpected events can appear.

To check if the time service is up and running on your recorder PC you can run the following command in a dos prompt (with elevated rights):

w32tm /config /update /


Click on more...  on in the Controller application in the Schedule section to show the Schedules programmer (CTRL+ALT+F5).

List scheduled recordings

Show past schedules

Past events are automatically hidden. Old events will not be imported from the video server, but once imported the stay available on the encoder. You open an old event and save as new event.

Sync interval

Synchronisation is disabled when the sync interval is set to 0.

Event Date

Start date and time


Duration in minutes


Event title


Start recording automatically. When disabled a warning pop-up will appear on the scheduled date and time.


When checked a live broadcast will be started.


Check this feature if you want to publish the recording without editing.

No Slide



This group will get access to the live broadcast or published recordings.


The recording description.


Contributors of the recording


Add a new scheduled task


Click on a tasks to edit. Past event tasks can only be saved as new tasks.


Delete a task

Start Now

Start the selected task immediately, ignoring the event date and time.


Send and receive updates from a Presentations2Go video server.

Add scheduled recording


Save your task.

Save as New

Copy this task into a new task.


Cancel editing/creating a task.

TIP: You can also right-click on a recording to Start/Edit/Delete a scheduled task.