Playlists and Transitions are techniques to enhance the user experience.


With a playlist you can setup an automatic rotation between e.g. 2 camera's.

In a lecture capture setting you would need a minimum of 5 input sources

  1. Camera 1 (Presenter)
  2. Camera 2 (Audience)
  3. Presenter PC
  4. Side-by-Side with Camera 1 and Presenter PC
  5. Side-by-Side with Camera 2 and Precenter PC

Next you can setup a playlist that would show 5 minutes the Presenter and 10 seconds the Audience.

  • Click on the Playlist settings icon in the bottom bar.

  • Use the > to add inputs to the playlist. Default they will be set to 5 seconds.
  • Check the LOOP function in the right lower part of the window. This will keep the playlist running.
  • Now Double click on the input source in the Playlist column to edit the duration.

  • Edit the Duration to meet you needs, and continue with OK.

  • Close the playlist
  • You can start the playlist at any time by pressing Playlist in the bottom bar.

NOTE: The playlist will not start automatically after an application restart.

For more detailed explanations :


Transitions can be used when you switch sources. The default Quickplay behavior is set in the settings (Fade). However there are other transitions.

At the main window there are several fast buttons. You can change these buttons and the transition time.

  • Click on the arrow right of the transitions name to open the full list.

For more detailed explanations :