The metadata will be used at various places. First of all, the first slide of a recording shows part of the metadata.

There are 3 places to add/update metadata.

  1. While making the recording (CTRL+ALT+F4)

  2. When manual publishing (only possible if  "Publish when finished" is not selected.

  1. On the Presentations2Go Open Video Server

Set metadata

The amount and order of the metadata fields shown in the Presentations2Go controller depends on the metadata settings in the Presentations2Go Videoserver. By default the Presentations2Go Videoserver has a long list of visible and invisible metadata fields. Custom fields can easily be added and are automatically placed in the Presentations2Go controller.

Special metadata

Besides standard fields like Title and Description there are also field with special purposes.

Camera Preset

When a PTZ camera is connected via Camera Control you can force a camera presets when the recording starts

Closed Captioning

Simply paste text in srt style in this field to get closed captioning during playback

Field of View

This field is only used for 360 video playback. Only enter a value if the vertical field of view in the captures video is < 360 degrees.


You can set a preferred playback layout style. Leave empty to follow the server default style. In case of 360 video you have to select 360 layout to start the player immediately in 360 mode.

Slide Source

Used to determine the slide source in a side-by-side captured video. Allowed values are 1 or 2. For this to work the canvas field should also be set.


The canvas field is used to split a side-by-side video in multiple parts (2 for now). Only the selected parts of the video are presented in the player. Canvas is based on x,y coordinates in percentages of the full recording resolution. Format:


Example: 2 inputs in 16:9 presented recorded in side-by-side.

  • Input A is the slide source in 16:9 placed on the left site of the recording.
  • Input B is the presenter camera in 16:9  which is placed on the right side of the screen

Canvas setting would become:  0,25:50,75;50,25:100,75

Video Segments

With video segments you can define sections to play. Not defined sections will be skipped during playback, but still be in the original mp4 file. Format:


Each section is separated with a | (pipe).

Example:   00:00:00-00:10:00|00:15:00-00:30:00

Session Mode

Set this value to Public if you like the audience to share comments


The permissions determine who is allowed to view (read access) the recording during live streaming and playback afterwards.

You can only select groups predefined at the Presentations2Go open video server.


The owner will have full control permissions on the asset after publishing and access to the live stream. E.g. when you give the presenter owner rights the presenter can edit metadata, download the video, delete the video from the system and invite other users or groups to view/edit/control the recording.