The Presentations2Go controller for Kaltura knows some slight differences.

  1. Manual and automatic publish will upload the content to the FTP or sFTP server of Kaltura.
  2. Streaming will initiate the RTMP streaming functions of vMix. You need to setup (and save) a RMPT address in vMix.
  3. Publishing and Streaming to Presentations2Go open video platform are disabled
  4. Scheduling is possible but cannot be synced
  5. The settings section has some different entries as described below.


Offline mode

The controller checks for updates and metadata settings each time you start the application. In case you have a very unstable Internet this can cause a delay when starting the application. Check the Offline mode to prevent Presentations2Go controller to connect to the Internet at next application restart.

User ID

Provided to you by Kaltura

Drop Folder Address

Provided to you by Kaltura

Drop Folder User ID

Provided to you by Kaltura

Drop Folder Password

Provided to you by Kaltura

Partner ID

Provided to you by Kaltura

SSH Host Key Fingerprint

Only when using sFTP you will need to have the fingerprint information.


The controller interface language. This setting will not change the vMix language.Changing interface language will ask you to restart the application.

Recordings Folder

The default location for the final recording.  Every recording will be placed in a separate folder containing the metadata, video, thumbnail and recording log.

vMix Recording Folder

The original mp4 location during recording. This is the location vMix uses to record the raw material.

vMix Profile Option

This feature allows you to determine which vMix profile to use when starting the Stream Studio.

Show Advanced...

This will expose more detailed configuration settings


Shows information about your license details and maintenance/ingest status. You can also perform a manual check for updates.

Advanced Settings

The advanced settings are described in detail here.


Scheduling is possible but there will be no sync mechanism available. Scheduled tasks will only start when Presentations2Go software has started. Events can start automatically (timed) or manual.

Metadata, live broadcasting and automatic publishing  can be configured in advance per event.


Click on more...  on in the Controller application in the Schedule section to show the Schedules programmer (CTRL+ALT+F5).

List scheduled recordings

Show past schedules

Past events are automatically hidden. Old events will not be imported from the video server, but once imported the stay available on the encoder. You open an old event and save as new event.

Event Date

Start date and time


Duration in minutes


Event title


Start recording automatically. When disabled a warning pop-up will appear on the scheduled date and time.


When checked a live broadcast will be started.


Check this feature if you want to publish the recording without editing.


The recording description.


Add a new scheduled task


Click on a tasks to edit. Past event tasks can only be saved as new tasks.


Delete a task

Start Now

Start the selected task immediately, ignoring the event date and time.

Add scheduled recording


Save your task.

Save as New

Copy this task into a new task.


Cancel editing/creating a task.

TIP: You can also right-click on a recording to Start/Edit/Delete a scheduled task.