Can licenses be installed on more than one PC?

  • The Presentations2Go Controller license can only be installed at one PC at the same time. If you need to move the license to another PC, you need to deactivate the key first.
  • The vMix license can be installed on up to two PCs or Laptops in total as long as vMix is not being used on both at the same time.  To install your license on to the second machine, enter the key as normal and follow the instructions in the error message when prompted. vMix Licenses can also be transferred to a new computer if required as long as vMix is no longer being used on the previous machine.

How to prevent windows updates

New in vMix 21.x is the option to block windows updates while it is running. Be aware that this feature is automatically set after upgrading. This feature will disable windows update service.

In case you have setup your recorder to reboot nightly and start the Stream Studio at boot, windows updates will be disabled almost permanently.