In some cases you want to or need to change the driver properties.

  • Select the Settings icon in the small preview of your input

  • Click on Change

  • Select Advanced
  • Click Properties

The following example shows the Magewell Driver with an example how to unlink audio from video and select an alternative audio source on the grabber card.

NOTE: if you get this warning the drivers are not available. However, in some cases there is a workaround (e.g. Magewell devices).

  1. Add a new camera input (which you can delete later)

  1. In the dropdown menu check show legacy devices

  1. Now you will see the same device 2 times with different names.
    Select the second version with the () in the name.
  2. Add this as new input.
  3. Now select advanced and choose properties and change the driver settings
  4. Remove the new input (driver settings will be persistent) via Close