In case you cannot publish you need to check the following settings

  1. Offline mode
  2. Maintenance end date
  3. Server connection

Maintenance/Ingest End Date

You are allowed to publish to a Presentations2Go if

  • you have a maintenance end-date in the future
  • there are enough ingest licenses on the Presentations2Go server

You can recognise this in the Controller settings. If Offline Mode is checked and greyed the maintenance date has expired.

To check the maintenance date

  • click on the Settings button

  • Click About

  • Check the Maintenance/Ingest End Date

In case the the maintenance end-date has passed you need to contact you license manager.

Server connection

If the server configuration is incorrect or the server cannot be reached you cannot publish. To check the connection follow these steps

  • Make sure you are connected to the internet (e.g. try a google search in a browser window)
  • Click on the Settings button

  • Click Test Connection

  • Click on Test Now

You should get the following pop-up if everything is configured proper.

- Server ... can be contacted on port 443

- and your server is registerd on this server

Contact your Presentations2Go video server administrator if you get different results.