Video devices with embedded audio will automatically be added to the audio mixer.

Besides embedded audio you can also add dedicated audio sources.

Embedded audio

You can recognize them by the green lit Audio button below the video preview.

The audio level is found right of the small video preview. Notice the difference between the left and right video.

The left video has an active audio source with green levels, while the right preview has audio deactivated.

The audio button is grey and the audio level is blue instead of green.

This way you can easily activate and deactive (mute) the embedded audio.

Recording/Streaming audio level

The right side of the application shows the most important recording information.

Make sure the output audio level is showing green bars when the presenter is talking or a video is presented on the beamer.

The output video preview will be recorded and send to the livestream.

Show / Hide audiomixer

In the right side below the video preview you can hide/show the audio mixer. We suggest you always show the audio mixer.


Troubleshooting audio

The application has the ability to do advanced audio mixing. This allows you to enable/disable and monitor audio sources.

  1. Make sure the output is not muted (button should be green)
  2. Make sure your inputs are not muted (button should be green)
  3. Disable auto switch on the input sources (button should not be green)
  4. Make sure your inputs are send to the master output (M should be green)
  5. Make sure the input audio level is showing green bars (blue means the input is muted)

Increase / decrease audio

There are 2 ways to increase / decrease the input audio levels.

  1. Use the audio level slider in the mixer
  2. Configure the input source level via settings

The first option is used for live mixing and changing the level during the recording. However, in case you incoming level is not loud enough, you can change the source via settings to add some gain.

Increase the Gain to increase the input level of the audio source.