A RTMP bridge can be installed on physical or virtualized hardware. The bridge is a Linux based headless server which can be configured to simultaneously convert multiple recorder streams and forward the output to OVS publishing points. The amount of simultaneous streams depends various factors:

  • CPU and memory available on the Bridge; each input stream is recalculated into 1 or 2 output streams
  • Required output resolution(s) of the forwarding streams;
  • Selected bit-rate vs selected resolution; if the bit-rate is not suitable for the resolution, the CPU needs to perform harder to compress the content.

Per input stream you can select a stream mode

  1. Live (single bit-rate); the input resolution is the output resolution
  2. Record; record the input stream to a folder on the Bridge;

Based on 4th generation i7 processor results we advice:

  • max. 7 Full HD (1920x1080) simultaneous inputs when using single bit-rate output (mode: live).
  • max. 10 HD (1280x720)  simultaneous inputs when using single bit-rate output (mode: live).

Software used

  • Ubuntu server 16.04 / 18.04 LTS
  • Ffmpeg 3.0
  • Nginx 1.78 (16.04) or 1.14.0 on 18.04


  • Rackmount or virtual server
  • IP address
  • Admin username and password (for root level access)
  • Unique machine name e.g. RTMPBRIDGE001