1. Install Ubuntu 16.04 LTS server from: https://upgrade.presentations2go.eu/rtmp_bridge/ubuntu-16.04-server-amd64.iso

Install with default settings, optionally enable SSH (less secure) for easy remote access.

  1. Login with your admin account
  2. Install features
    1. Type:        sudo wget https://upgrade.presentations2go.eu/rtmp_bridge/install.sh -O install.sh

(you need to confirm with your password)

    1. Type:        sudo chmod +x install.sh
    2. Type:        sudo bash install.sh
    3. The installer will ask you to run an upgrade first
      Type:  y
    4. The bridge is pre-configured to disable after x days
      When you are asked:

Enter timelimit in days and press [ENTER]:

type a very large number e.g. 3650 to have its features enabled for 10 years.

The install script will download and compile various features, create a user manager with limited rights, setup a shared folder and set the proper settings. After the reboot the Bridge is ready for use.