To setup the stream between your device and the bridge you need to have the following information

  1. Stream URL e.g. rtmp://
  2. Channel name: e.g. c1005

you can only use existing channels visible in the Presentations2Go website channel page

Matrox Monarch LCS

Share settings example

The files will be stored on the bridge in subdirectory recorder1 with file name capture_timestamp.mp4. Each recorder should record in a separate folder (e.g. recorder2, recoder3, room123) and setup accordingly in the Presentations2Go video platform as an ingest.

Stream settings example

The recoder will stream to the Bridge which will forward the steam to the Presentations2Go video platform. For each recorder you need to setup an ingest with the same streamname.

Lumens LC102

  1. Sign-in as admin to the System configurator
  2. Select Record Setting
  3. Change Streaming Mode into Webcasting

  1. Click on the settings icon
  2. Change the Primary Server URL in the Stream URL
  3. Change the Stream Name into your Live Channel name