A repository can be setup for either video upload (Course Tools) or for video assignments


Before you can setup a repository to receive uploads you need to make sure the group you used to setup the repository has full access on a upload container in the Presentations2Go video server.

In the example below we see the repository uses the group "BB" to make the connection with the video server.

In the video server we have setup a group folder with the name Blackboard (can be any name) and gave the Presentations2Go group BB full access to this folder.

Configure existing repository

  • Go to Presentations2Go Repositories in the Tools and Utilities menu
  • Click the arrow behind the repository name to display the selection menu
  • Select settings for uploads

Default the Upload Capacity is set to None (disabled). Now you can select either Video assignments or Instructor uploads.

  • The video assignments option will result in a P2Go Video Assignments entry in the Assessments menu visible when Content is in edit mode.
  • The instructor uploads will result in a Video upload (P2Go) entry in the Course Tools menu.

Upload user

The upload user will automatically be owner of the content in the Presentations2Go video server. You can enter the email address of an instructor or use a smart variable ( ${user.email} ) to grab the signed in instructor or student email address.

  • Set the user email address
  • Save your settings via submit (the page needs to refresh to retrieve the available upload folders for the selected person)
  • Open the upload configuration settings again.
  • Select the proper Upload folder if there is more then 1 option


Transcoding profiles are defined on the Presentations2Go video server. Video's will never be upscaled. When you select a profile with FHD, HD en SD resolutions while the input is SD, only the SD will be generated. However when you insert a 4K video, it will be downscaled to a adaptive multi bitrate FHD, HD and SD video.

Note: If you are running video server release v5.x or higher. You should only select 1 transcoding profile and not use "add another". For v4 releases you should add both wmv and mp4 transcoders.

  • Select a transcoder profile for this repository


When you enable "viewable by everyone" you publish the video as anonymous in the Presentations2go video server web interface.  We suggest to keep this setting set to "No"


Depending on the visible fields in the video server you will see a selection of metadata fields in BlackBoard.

For upload you can hide/show and populate metadata in advance.

  • Finally  you submit your changes

Repositories with upload settings can be recognized with a special icon: