You can limit your repository output to fit additional criteria. Multiple criteria can be given; only items that satisfy all criteria will be available to the teachers. Text searches are case-insensitive.

  • Add additional criteria with Add Criteria

In addition to literal values you can also use variables in your search definition. These variables will be replaces by real values at the time (and in the context) where the search is executed. The supported variables are:

${course.title}                        title of the course
${}                        the course id; for example INTP01.2013-2014.1a
${course.short}                        the short course id; for example INTP01
${course.year}                        the year, if available in course id; example 2013-2014
${course.period}                        the period, if available in the course id; example 1a
${course.yearWithPeriod}                combination of year and period; example 2013-2014.1a
${today}                                today's date (remember: at the time the search runs!)
${today.minus.N}                        where N is a positive number; days in the past from today